Food Truck Serves Up a Social Mission with Meals

Levi Tucker, 3½, ordered dinner Wednesday evening at a food truck in his Burlington neighborhood. Held to truck-window height by his father, Levi asked for beef curry, which was served with vegetables and coconut rice. Levi also wanted salad, and was pleased it came with tomatoes.

He ate with his parents on a patch of grass at Northgate Apartments in the New North End.

When the meal was over, or over from the point of a toddler, Levi had this to say: “I liked some of the food.”  His father, Travis Tucker, also ordered beef curry – and ate every morsel of his dinner and his son’s leftovers, too.

The family’s dinner was courtesy of the Good Food Truck, a venture of the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf that serves free, hot dinners to people who might lack access to nutritional meals.

“I think it’s a fantastic opportunity for the community,” Travis Tucker said. “This is free, healthy, well-made food – and not everybody has access to that.”

 Tucker knows something about healthy and well-made food. He has worked at City Market for 11 years, including more than three years as a cook.

The Good Food Truck, run by chef/server/planner Emmet Moseley, made its debut last summer. This year the truck is expanding its range to include Northgate, an affordable housing complex that is home to about 900 people.

Levi was probably the harshest critic among Northgate’s eaters. Other diners raved about the food, and commended the Good Food Truck for helping to bring the community together.

“They’re feeding Chittenden County, and it’s really tasty,” said Dana Corey, a substitute teacher who ate at the truck. “It’s just amazing that they do that.”

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